Forensic Mortgage Investigation Corp
Victor Cabanas
President and Expert Witness
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About us


The most important element in determining the quality of a Forensic Report is the experience and knowledge of the Banking industry. An auditor must determine how the original lender sold your promissory Note and Mortgage, to the warehouse line, to the Sponsor, to the Depositor, to the Trust and from here to the trustee. This is a complex business for most inexperience auditor's out there.

 Each sale must be perfected, otherwise under the UCC and Florida Law the plaintiff may not foreclose against you. We have specialized in the Banking Industry for more than 25 years, as Loan Officers, Managers, Directors of Banking etc.

Our staff can locate Master Pool Servicing Agreement, Free Wrtinting Prospectus, Assignment of Mortgage, and other documents that you dont have access to. As an
auditor Victor Cabanas has been qualified in the State of Florida to act as an Expert Witness in regards to Promissory Notes, Mortgages, Assignments of Mortgage, and Polling and Servicing Agreements.

Mr Cabanas worked for: Inter-American Development Bank in Washington DC at the board of the Directors, NovaStar Home Loans as office Manager, Transcontinental Lending Group as office Manager,and JP Morgan Chase, among others overseas financing goverment institutions.
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