Forensic Mortgage Investigation Corp
Victor Cabanas
President and Expert Witness
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Audit Services

Audit Service 

We need to pre-audit your Lis Pendens and Complaint to determine the level of service you may need at this time, however the fee's disclosed below are for reference only.


  • Pre-audit your file.


  • Go to the Court of House to gather your Lis Pendens & Complaint



  • Locate the PSA from SEC


  • Perform a Full Audit report, Locate the MPSA if Securitized, Analized,  produce the Anatomy of the pool Comments documents court preparation, and testify as an Expert Witness (if your lawyer required).



$120.00 (Non Refundable), however if you are a referral from a Law firm, there is no charge. (as a courtesy)

$150.00 (Non Refundable) however we will discount from the full audit report, if you hire us.

$695.00(Non Refundable)

  Please contact us via email:  

    Send us: Lis Pendens, Complaint, Promissory Note, Mortgage, Assignment of Mortgage.

    (Schedule personal meeting for Pricing)



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